The NeCS Winter School 2019 will take place from 18th to 22nd February 2019 near Trento,  Italy.

NeCS Cyber Security Winter school 2019, will be held in cooperation with SHIELD and C3ISP EU projects and the CINI Cyber Security National Lab.

The European Network for Cybersecurity (NeCS) was formed in response to the increased need for highly qualified experts. It addresses the issues of training and development of talented junior researchers as indicated in the European Cyber-security strategy and highlighted in the EC’s Digital Agenda.

Critical infrastructures are complex physical and cyber-based systems that form the backbone of a modern society, and their reliable and secure operation is of paramount importance to national security and economic vitality. As a consequence attacks to such cyber systems could have significant impacts on the reliable and safe operations of the physical systems that rely on it.

Cyber-security studies and analyses such new threads and attacks, aiming at the same time to explore, analyze, design and test effective and efficient defenses. The scope of the NECS Ph.D. Winter School is to present advances on both attacks and defenses in the realm of Cyber-security.

This year the school will be organized in cooperation with two relevant EU project: SHIELD and C3ISP.

The SHIELD project proposes a universal solution for dynamically establishing and deploying virtual security infrastructures into ISP and corporate networks. This approach promotes interoperability of security functions and offers an affordable, zero-CAPEX security solution also for Critical Infrastructure providers.

C3ISP mission is to define a collaborative and confidential information sharing, analysis and protection framework as a service for cyber security management, since information sharing is also an important issue covered by NeCS, the synergies between NeCS and C3ISP are immediate.

Some lectures of the school are then dedicated to training PhDs on the topics addressed by SHIELD and C3ISP

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